Tourist Visa in Thailand

A tourist visa is a type of visa that allows foreign individuals to enter Thailand for the purpose of tourism, visiting friends or relatives, or other short-term purposes. There are two main types of tourist visas available for Thailand: Single-entry tourist visa: This type of visa allows a foreign individual to enter Thailand once, stay […]

Elite Visa in Thailand

The Elite Visa program in Thailand is a long-term visa option that offers a range of benefits and privileges to foreign individuals who wish to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time. The Elite Visa program is operated by the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, and it offers several membership options with varying […]

Retirement Visa in Thailand

The Retirement Visa in Thailand is a long-stay Non-Immigrant Visa that can be issued to expats who intend to live permanently in the country. This visa is available in two forms: Non-Immigrant O-A (one year), and Non-Immigrant O-X (ten years). There are many benefits to living on a Retirement Visa in Thailand, including the low […]

Security Laws in Thailand

The security of Thai citizens and their personal information is protected under a number of laws, including the Privacy Law B.E. 2540 (1997), which extends to protect the personal data of any Thai person and foreigners with a residence in Thailand. The right of an individual to privacy is protected under the Constitution, which states […]

Property Law in Thailand

Unlike many other countries, Thai law is not very strict when it comes to the ownership of land and buildings. There are however a few important restrictions that must be taken into account when buying property in Thailand. 1. Foreigners cannot own land The first restriction preventing foreigners from owning real estate in Thailand is […]