Hua Hin & Hong Kong Property

Considering buying property in Asia then there is more than one investment location in Asia outside of Hua Hin Thailand. Hong Kong has made big inroads into the property market in Asia and is one of the most invested regions in Asia when it comes to high end property. The Barclays Wealth Insights notes that:

“Hong Kong is currently home to the world’s highest density of millionaire households… Among a population of just 7 million there are 597,000 households with net worth in excess of US$1 million, and while the population is expected to remain fairly steady over the forecast period, the number of households with wealth above US$1 million is forecast to increase to 980,000.”

Hua Hin & Hong Kong propertyWell what does Hong Kong have to do with Hua Hin one might ask without thinking of Hong Kong being part of a much larger Asia region. While property in Hong Kong is still on the up, the other regions around it should follow the same trail. If you are considering buy long term investment property in Asia then Thailand still makes a very good investment. Over the last 3-4 years while there had been a global crunch Thailand property investments still held onto their values and had during the time lost none of its investment values but remained stable. The advantages over Hong Kong in Asia is that if you are buying a villa with a nominee the cost per square meters is still far cheaper than Hong Kong. The cost of living in Thailand is also much lower than the cost of living in Hong Kong.  If you are looking at property investments in Asia then speak to our of our property lawyers in Hua Hin for more information and guidance.  The property market in Asia is full of pitfalls and its always best to speak to a property lawyer in the region to guide you during the investment process.

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