Thailand Board of Investment

Thailand Board of Investment. Thailand, known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and robust economy, has long been an attractive destination for foreign investors. To facilitate and incentivize foreign investment, Thailand established the Board of Investment (BOI) – a pivotal agency dedicated to promoting economic development and fostering a business-friendly environment.

The Genesis of Thailand’s Board of Investment

Established in 1954, the Thailand Board of Investment is a government agency operating under the Office of the Prime Minister. Its primary mission is to encourage both local and foreign investment in sectors that are deemed vital to Thailand’s economic progress.

Key Objectives of the Board of Investment

The BOI’s core objectives are centered around fostering economic growth, job creation, and technology transfer. To achieve these goals, it provides a range of incentives and support mechanisms to businesses that qualify for BOI promotion.

1. Investment Promotion Policies

The BOI offers a series of investment promotion policies that vary according to industry, location, and other criteria. These policies are designed to attract investment in sectors that are pivotal to Thailand’s economic development, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing and export-oriented industries.
  • High-technology and innovative sectors.
  • Environmental and energy-efficient projects.
  • Service and infrastructure-related activities.

2. Fiscal Incentives

One of the key attractions for businesses under the BOI promotion scheme is the array of fiscal incentives. These can include exemptions or reductions in import duties on machinery and raw materials, corporate income tax exemptions or reductions, and even permission for foreign nationals to own land.

3. Investment Support Services

The BOI serves as a one-stop service center for investors, providing assistance with various administrative processes. This includes help with work permits, visas, and licenses, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience for businesses seeking to establish themselves in Thailand.

4. Infrastructure Development

Recognizing the importance of robust infrastructure for business operations, the BOI supports projects related to transportation, utilities, and other critical infrastructure elements.

5. Research and Development

The BOI actively encourages investment in research and development (R&D) activities. It offers incentives to businesses engaged in R&D projects to stimulate innovation and technology transfer.

6. Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices is a priority for the BOI. It provides incentives to businesses that implement eco-friendly technologies and practices.

Eligibility for BOI Promotion

To be eligible for BOI promotion, businesses must meet specific criteria set forth by the board. These criteria often relate to the nature of the business, the level of investment, and the strategic importance of the sector to Thailand’s economy.

Applying for BOI Promotion

The application process for BOI promotion involves several stages, including project feasibility study, submission of required documents, and evaluation by the BOI. Once approved, businesses are eligible for the incentives and support services provided by the BOI.

Success Stories

Over the years, the BOI has played a pivotal role in attracting a wide range of foreign investment, contributing significantly to Thailand’s economic growth. Many multinational corporations have chosen Thailand as their base of operations in Southeast Asia, drawn by the competitive advantages offered by BOI promotion.


The Thailand Board of Investment stands as a beacon of encouragement for businesses looking to invest in Thailand. With its comprehensive range of incentives and support services, it has successfully attracted foreign investment across various industries, contributing to the country’s economic prosperity.

As Thailand continues to position itself as a leading destination for foreign investment in the Southeast Asian region, the BOI will undoubtedly remain a crucial player in shaping the nation’s economic landscape for years to come.